Paz Engineering & Management

"PAZ" Engineering & Management (1980) Ltd. ("PAZ" Engineering)
A multi discipline planning, engineering, managing and supervising company.


Company founders:
Michael Pascal – Chemical Engineer, served as the head of "Life" a planning and engineering firm until 1978.
Yaakov Ziv – Chemical Engineer, was head of the process engineering department at "Industrial Developing" (IDC) until 1978.

"PAZ" has grown throughout the years and currently employs about 40 engineers in various disciplines.

The main company office is located in Kiriat Ata

Provide professional, efficient and competitive services in the various fields of production and infrastructure activities.

The clients of "PAZ" Engineering are: Government agencies (Defense, Infrastructure, Environment, etc.), municipalities, and leading companies in diverse fields: the fuel and energy sector, chemistry, petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food and hi-tech sectors. Our engineers have gained broad experience working with statutory bodies and permitting authorities at the government and municipal levels. The quality of our work has earned "PAZ" Engineering & Management an excellent reputation among a wide range of clients.

Quality certification:
the Company is certified according to ISO 9001, assuring that projects are executed to the highest possible standards. For each project undertaken, a project manager is assigned and a project team set up. Assignment of a professional team is done
according to the needs of the project. In addition a representative of the Management follows-up on each project.
Each project is reviewed every two weeks by the entire team including the Management. At that point the projects' problems are discussed and the team acts as a unit in presenting solutions and solving problems that may arise. Discussions cover schedules, budget supervision, and technical problems and client feedback. The supervision that follows each project contributes to the performance quality.


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